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Fixed labor rate on most power tools.

Very reasonable rates on all other tools.
Service Code Default Rate Notes
Deposit (nonrefundable) $20.00 Applied to final bill. [see "FAQ" ]
Electric Hand Tools (1) $25.00 Corded Power Tools
Cordless Power Tools
Bench Tools $40.00 Portable Bench Tools.
Small Pneumatics (2) $40.00 Small Finish Nailers
Small Finish Staplers
Small Air Hammers
Small Air Ratchets
Large Pneumatics (2) $50.00 Large Framing Nailers
Large Finish Nailers
Large Flooring Nailers
All Coil Nailers
Roofing Staplers
Corrorgated Tools
Specialty Nailers, Staplers
Powder Actuated /
Cordless Nail Guns (2,3)
$50.00 Powder Actuated Tools
Cordless Nail Guns
CO2 Actuated Tools
Electric Compressors $65.00 Portable Electric Compressors
Gas Equipment (4) $65.00 Weedeaters
Lawnmowers (5)
Gas Compressors (4) $75.00 Gas Compressors
Pressure Washers $75.00 Portable Pressure Washers, (gas or electric)

I do not have the means to pick-up or deliver.

  1) You must bring a fully charged battery, or a means to charge it.
  2) You must bring the nails or staples that fit your tool.
  3) You must bring a sufficient power source, (CO2, Powershot, etc.)
  4) You must bring the fuel or the properly mixed fuel for 2 cycle engines.
  5) Lawnmowers may be stored outdoors, under roof, but open. [They are safe.]

Customer attempted repair and/or a dissambled tool will be charged $10.00 extra.

Truck or trailer mounted equipment will be charged $20.00 extra.

  In the event of a not repairable / too costly to repair / no repair, you will only be charged the deposit plus the above extra expenses except with, (pneumatic tools, compressors, pressure washers & gas powered tools), you will also pay the parts charge due to the nature of the parts. "O" rings and gaskets cannot be returned.
  However, dependent on the tool and it's condition, you can leave it for my used parts bin and I may refund part or all of your deposit and not charge for parts.

Very reasonable parts cost.

  I charge my actual parts cost, (including shipping) + 10%. I usually only order from a few reputable suppliers, but search around for the best price. I attempt to only use OEM parts, if available, but will ask if the price is drastically different.

  I try to bundle the parts orders that have a shipping cost, and will divide it out among the parts.

  If you can find the parts cheaper, or already have them, I will be more than happy to accept them.

  You have a small corded hand drill that needs a new cord.
  Labor - $25 + Parts - ($10 + 10%) = $11
  Total repair cost = $36.00.

"Facebook Group" tool sales. Not monitored. Use at your own risk.
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I accept cash, checks and CC's.
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