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Why so few ad's?

Because I hate sites that place ad's to fool you.

Yeah, very few ad's, but some none-the-less. Mostly on my actual 'Sales' page, 'Resources' page and this 'About' page. Not placed to try to get a false click. But hope you will click them.

The only recurring ad on every page, and info on page one of my 'About' page is Vet Tix. They are non-profit. But I will get what are called "coins" if you click my links and/or the images.

The link; http://www.vettix.org/ref/327115. (See the "/ ref / 327115" - that is my referral number). Please use it if you decide to sign up.

Why so cheap?

A fast nickle is better than a slow dime!

Although that is true, I, like you, do not have money to throw around to get work done. If I charged the standard labor rate, chances are it would be out of your reach and you will not get me to do the work. So I make nothing! But, if I charge a small fee that is affordable, I most likely will get the job. Back to the;

"A fast nickle is better than a slow dime".

Plus I am a 'work from home shop', no extra overhead. That is charges I otherwise would have to pass along to you, the consumer. Basic brick and mortar shop would cost at least $50 to $100 per day. Assume 10 customers a day, that is an extra $5 to $10 I would have to add to your repair.

Now add to that, I built my own web site, monitor it, update it all myself. Although very basic in design, I think it is clean, concise and to the point. .

Who am I?

"I Am Who I Am!"

I am an old ugly fart and according to my daughter, 'anal retentive' as well. Taught her to stand up to anybody, didn't know she soon would stand up to me.

An ole Miami, Fl. boy. I joined the US Navy in 1978. Did 9 years in the "Silent Service" otherwise known as the submarine service.

One day in June of 1990, I took my family on a local fishing trip. Fun was had by all until we finished fishing, packing up our equipment when a drunk driver ran off the road into the parking lot and took my legs. Only bright spot is that it was me, because any of my family would of died if they were hit directly.

Thats when I moved to Franklin, NC. Although it took me about a year to recuperate, heck was between my Dodge Van and hit by a Cadillac doing 70 mph. I'm still breathing, both vehicles were trashed.

Any event, got bored and tried to sell crap at the local Flea Market. Made enough to make it worth while to do it. But my ex and I used to go to Atlanta often to buy food for her, (she is Thai), and friends and family asked us to get them stuff. So we bought more than needed and started to sell that at the Flea Market.

Did well enough to go crazy and open; "Franklin's First Oriental Market". Across from Bi Lo's. Pretty cool, took junk to sell until we opened our own store. Did fairly well, but family problems arose so I was forced to shut down.

Then later I thought I fixed family problems, so I borrowed $3000 from Macon Bank, (told them I wanted it to start a bicycle shop all the while I am in a wheelchair). They handed me cash!

Your own web site??
I can make you a decent basic web site.

If you read the quote towards the top of this page, you will know I am a 'trial & error' type person. Some people like to play online games, well, figuring out how to build a web site with NO formal training what-so-ever is what I like to do.

Learn by doing! That is how I learned most of what I do today. Mostly because I am a cheap person, replace a faucet, hire a plumber or figure it out myself. Fix my car, hire a mechanic or figure it out. Fix my power tool, send it off and pay almost what it cost new or fix it myself.

Back to your own web site, I would be happy to build you one. Like the "Power Tool Repair", building your new web site will be done at home, no need to add extra for overhead.

If interested, please go; "HERE".

Carry on?



Work from home shop
North Carolina License # 002932807.

I accept cash, checks and CC's.
	Monday    10 - Sunset 
	Tuesday   10 - Sunset 
	Wednesday 10 - Sunset 
	Thursday  10 - Sunset 
	Friday    10 - Sunset 
	Saturday  10 - Sunset 
	Sunday    Closed 

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