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Many answers can be found on our: "FAQ" page.

249 Valley View Road, Franklin, North Carolina 28734

NO phone calls. - Unless you absolutely must call - Several reasons for this;

  • I RARELY answer unknown numbers unless it is a local exchange.
  • Before and after hours the phone is in the shop and I am not.
  • Directions are clear and concise. No need to call for directions.
  • If you must call after hours, leave a message @ (828) 549-TOOL (8665)
  • I will most likely return your call from my personal cell phone - (828) 200- number.
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Work from home shop
North Carolina License # 002932807.

I accept cash, checks and CC's.
	Monday    10 - Sunset 
	Tuesday   10 - Sunset 
	Wednesday 10 - Sunset 
	Thursday  10 - Sunset 
	Friday    10 - Sunset 
	Saturday  10 - Sunset 
	Sunday    Closed 

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